Shell Tools version history


  • New command “Show supper hidden” in folder background menu allows you to toggle showing protected operating system files on/off. By default the command is visible in folder background context menu when you hold down Shift key when invoking context menu. You can make it always visible through ShellTool options.
  • New tool “Map to Windows Sandbox” in folder context menu. Select one or more folders in Explorer, right-click and choose “Map to Windows Sandbox” from contex menu to start Windows Sandbox with these folders mapped. You can configure if mapped folders are read-only by default and override that by holding down Ctrl key when choosing command. You can also provide custom Windows Sandbox config file template.
  • “Resize to JPEG” command has new option “Remove metadata” which is not enabled by default. Now you can also define more than 5 sizes that are listed in sub-menu.
  • Now you can define more than 5 image sizes to resize to.
  • “Resize image” works with ImageMagick 7 or newer. Improved detection of ImageMagick from system path and registry.
  • In Shell Tools settings window you can enable/disable shell extension for current user or all users (all users requires admin provileges). Makes it possible to easily enable Shell Tools context menu extension without admin rights and without running full installer.
  • HighDPI support in settings window.