Copiaris version history


  • Fixed failure to start on Windows 2000/XP. Error message “The procedure entry point QueryFullProcessImageNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll” was displayed.


  • Fixed occasional “Critical failure. XceedZip(X64).dll not found” when using zipping.
  • Fixed: Console module was missing Windows manifest.


  • New “Registry task” that allows editing of registry values and export registry keys to .reg file.
  • New option “Source (advanced) | Merge sub-directories” allows to merge files from multiple source/sub-directories to one destination directory.
  • New option “Renaming | Rename by template” allows batch renaming of files during copying.
  • New option “Renaming | Rename if duplicate” allows keeping duplicate files in destination by automatically renaming new files by appending unique number to file name.
  • New multilingual interface with built-in translation editor. Users can translate interface to desired language by themselves.
  • In free Lite version you are now allowed to use these tasks and statements multiple times: set variable, set option, show message and IF/ELSE/ENDIF statements. Previously these were allowed only once. Now most sample scripts also work with Lite version.
  • Improved quality of program icons in HiDPI environment.
  • Added new parameter “confirm” to variable that allows to control if input prompt displays one or two fields for data entry. Used to check if password was entered correctly.
  • Three new sample scripts; one to download photos from digital camera or memory card and rename them on the fly to YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg format, second to wake up sleeping NAS using Wake-on-LAN and third to copy files from on external drive to another.
  • Many smaller tweaks, fixes and improvements.


This is a critical update, please install this new version.

  • Fixed file copy failure (access violation) on Windows 8 (32-bit only). Thanks to Geoffrey G. Roy for reporting the issue.


This is a critical update, please install this new version.

  • HiDPI support to built-in manifest for Windows 8.
  • Improved visual quality of check boxes in editor.
  • Fixed: Certain in-use files were successfully copied via plain copy but zip compression failed with “File is in use by another application” error message. Thanks to Stanley Lee for reporting the issue.
  • Crash in e-mail task when logging was enabled. Thanks to Stanley Lee for reporting the issue.


This is a critical update, please install this new version.

  • New e-mail task allows sending e-mail. Variables are supported in body, subject and attachments, so you can easily attach log file by using variable as attached file.
  • When finished then notify by e-mail advanced script option with values No, Always, When errors logged, When warnings logged allows to notify result via e-mail.
  • New When finished then action Close program window when no errors allows to automatically close program window when script finished but only when no errors or warnings were logged during runtime.
  • New editor command File | Copy file name copies file name of currently open script to clipboard.
  • Updated Zip compression libraries.
  • Fixed: If more than 2 source directories were used these additional directories were processed multiple times. With many source directories processing was very slow.
  • Fixed: If source directory was specified as drive “X:” instead of “X:" then error message “Specified source directory is not accessible” was displayed and that source directory was not processed.
  • Fixed: If both “Overwrite read-only files in destination” and “Use safe copy” options were specified (default) then read-only destination file was not overwritten but error was logged.