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If you have issue with Password Agent then please see Password Agent FAQ.

If you have lost or not received your unlock key code, see key code lookup page to get your key code re-sent to your e-mail address.

Before asking for help:

  1. Read help or user's manual of the program about how to use the program.
  2. Many common problems are already discussed in the forum (see Knowledge Base section first), so doing a simple search there may give answer to your question quickly. There is also Knowledge Base area with top questions and solutions.
  3. If you are reporting a bug, please make first sure you are using the latest version of the program. We are continuously improving our software, so a newer release may already include fix to the problem you are trying to report. Use Help | Check for Update command in the program to see if there is a new version available.

Follow this checklist when composing support or bug report e-mail. Be sure to include all required information:

  1. Address your message to support2[at]moonsoftware[dot]com (replace [at] with "@" symbol and [dot] with ".")
  2. Write name of the program on subject line of your e-mail, along with a simple problem description .
  3. Provide clear description of the problem. Do not just write shortly "does not work", "unable to open file" or "can't close the program" but provide provide step-by-step instructions about how exactly you get into the situation, so we can reproduce the problem here.
  4. Paste your system information to the end of the e-mail. All our programs have Copy System Information command in the Help menu, so you'll need to choose it, then paste the contents of the clipboard to your e-mail message (place the cursor where you want the information to appear, then choose Edit | Paste in your mail composing window, or press Ctrl+V). Including system information is very important, don't forget it!

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