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I installed new version and it starts as limited Lite version, but I had Unlimited version before. The new version is not a free upgrade, so your old key does not work. Old version was released 13 years ago, so hopefully the program has been serving you well. If you like the new version you can buy upgrade and then you'll get new key. You are not forced to move to new version, it is up to you. However, due to security improvements and critical fixes made in new version it is highly recommended to upgrade.

I tried using my license key, but its says it's in unknown key format. Old version 2.x key does not work in new version. Please see previous paragraph.

You upgraded my old data file to new format and my old Password Agent 2 does not read the file any more. How can I get my old data back? You should actually upgrade to new version but if you really want to go back and did not make backup of your old data file as recommended then there should be copy of original data file with .v2 file extension next to your data file. Rename it to .pwa and you have your original data file in old format. Note the .v2 file will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Also note that versions before 2016.7.14 had a bug that deleted the .v2 file earlier, so in case you have earlier version you may not have .v2 file.

I have problem installing update using automatic updater or by Help | Check for update. Please download latest installer manually from http://moonsoftware.com/downloads and run it to upgrade your older version.

Installation/upgrading fails with message “Older version cannot be removed” Run this fix from Microsoft and then try to install/upgrade again.

After upgrading my data file is opened in read-only mode. Be sure that your data file is not saved under “C:\Program Files” directory. This system directory is not writable and you should never store any data under this directory. Move your data to your Documents directory.

I get black Password Agent window when accessing it remotely. Starting with version 2016.7.8 there is new security setting "Block screen capture (return black screen)" that is enabled by default. Blocking screen capture by default helps to prevent malicious programs from secretly recording your Password Agent window contents. Disable it only if you get black Password Agent window when accessing your computer remotely using TeamViewer, LogMeIn or other remote connection software.

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