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Shell Tools change log


  • FIX: Resize image failed with files that contained international/Unicode characters in file/path name.
  • FIX: Resize image now converts first image from multi-image TIFF file, assuming full resolution image (not thumbnail) is on first position. Previously it used smaller thumbnail as source for converted image.


  • Contains both 32- and 64-bit shell extensions
  • Simplified architecture, all extensions in one DLL that is already enabled on installation
  • New simple control panel
  • New commands like "Resize image", "Refresh icons" and "Copy size".
  • CopyURL and RegisterServer functionality dropped. Windows 2000 not supported.


  • Option "Show only when Shift key is down while invoking context menu" for all shell extension modules. By enabling this your Shell Tools module commands are only visible in context menu when Shift key is held down while invoking the menu. Useful to declutter context menus and to move less often used commands out of sight.
  • FolderBackground has new toggle command "Show file extensions".
  • Modules now add commands to shortcut files as well.
  • FontLoader tray icon now supports Vista/7 UAC.
  • FontLoader tray icon allows you to revert up to 3 last actions. For example, if you installed fonts, there is menu item to do opposite action, on this case Uninstall, without digging into sub-menus.
  • FontLoader anf FontLoader tray icon do not show annoying error messages when unloading or uninstalling fonts that were not currently loaded or installed.
  • FIX: If one of AnyFile commands was hidden then another on certain case invoked wrong function.
  • FIX: RegisterServer carshed shell when right-clicking on some compressed and/or encrypted .exe files.

1.1.0 Release Candidate 1

  • Full Unicode support, native Unicode programs. That means no more problems with international characters.
  • Windows 9x support dropped.
  • CopyUrl: It is now possible to omit certain commands from popup menu by setting caption of a command to empty string or "-". That way you can make CopyURL only to add 1 or 2 required commands to menu instead of all 3.
  • RegisterServerShellExt: Now detects exported functions by parsing module's exported procedures list, not by trying to load module and get DllRegisterServer/DllUnregisterServer method address. This should avoid shell crashes with some libraries/executables and should be more secure.
  • RegisterServerShellExt: Added Register/Unregister commands for .ax files (need to re-enable module for this to take effect).
  • RegisterServerShellExt: Vista helper application RegisterServer.exe now used only when UAC is enabled.
  • AnyFile: If FileNote command was hidden then Copy Filename command invoked FileNote functionality.
  • FontFileShellExt: Now if font install/uninstall operation is successful does not show message dialog (N of N fonts successfully processed), so less unneccessary clicking with the mouse. Message box is now only displayed on error and there is option to see extended error log.
  • FontFileShellExt: Does not add itself to system font folder to prevent user of uninstalling/unloading all system fonts.
  • FontFileShellExt: Vista helper application FontLoader.exe now used only when UAC is enabled.
  • FontLoader system tray icon: Now shows font count in menu for each folder.
  • FontLoader system tray icon: After Explorer crash/restart tray icon is automatically restored.
  • Note that this pre-release Release Candidate is not digitally signed. Final version will be.

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