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Logo graphicsMoon Software was founded in 1996 by me, Ahto Tanner, and is still basically a single-guy company. I'm located in Estonia (Europe). I hope you don't mind that elsewhere on this site I often say "we" (as a company) and not "I".

I'm not going to bait you with long made up "success story" of "our company" and why "we are the best" here. I just hope that when using my software you feel the attention to detail that I have put into my programs, and that is why you like it. Also, I must confess that I feel a bit guilty that I don't update my software as frequently as some of you would like, however, I can promise that every new major release is at the next level in functionality and detail.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can always use any of my programs without hesitation, that it will somehow "break" your computer. :)

100% Green Energy I only use 100% green renewable energy in office and for development.

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